Where conventional insulation methods stop, we go on.

Tonzon was founded in 1980 and has established itself to be at the forefront of sustainable insulation with its foldable insulation material. We’ve managed to transform air into a super insulating layer to provide our customers with the guarantee that their home/building has a comfortable temperature both during winter and summer. When properly insulating your building, you don’t have to unnecessarily turn up the heater during winter anymore, which can reduce your heating costs by 15-20%. This will in turn save you money and you will contribute to a greener future.

Where conventional insulation methods stop, we go on. Our innovative thermal insulation is a both more effective and environmental-friendly compared to such methods.

Tonzon is well-known for its floor insulation, but we also insulate your walls, roofs, radiators and even bathtubs. Maximum effects with minimum means.

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To achieve a greener future, we think that it is important to create awareness about the pressing need for energy conservation and the transition to a sustainable future. Hence, we see the importance of collaborating with students that have the right mind-set, like at S.A. Atlantis where students combine creativity with social science and engineering and have an interest in sustainability. Furthermore, we also collaborate with Solar Team Twente.