Tecnotion is the only high-tech company in the world that specialises entirely in the development and production of direct drive motors. Our products facilitate an enormous range of technological developments throughout the world. Your computer, television, smartphone and much more… none of them could be produced without our motors. This means that our organisation never stands still, and looks for new challenges from every angle.

All of our employees are highly motivated professionals who work closely together; they are the beating heart of our organisation. Autonomy and a high degree of responsibility are the key motivating factors. That’s why you are always so important to us; your efforts contribute to the company’s growth, and we value that. Thanks to this approach, working for Tecnotion is inspiring and, above all, rewarding.

Working for Tecnotion means more than just contributing to our technical solutions at an international level. Our Almelo branch has around 150 employees, and our site in China employs more than 125 people. All the departments – Operations, Logistics, Sales, Research & Development, Engineering, Quality, Finance and HRM – come together at these locations.

Would you like to stay informed about developments in our organization? Then subscribe to join the Tecnotion Talent Pool. Send an e-mail with your resume and of course your job interests to hrm@tecnotion.com. Our HRM department will contact you when suitable vacancies arise.

You can find out more about Tecnotion and the opportunities at: https://www.tecnotion.com/career