Semester documentation

Semester Documentation

At the end of each semester, each EduCo writes a summary of the semester. This summary is called the Semester Documentation. It evaluates the semester as a whole, the semester project, each course, as well as each dominant learning line.

The aim of the Semester Documentation is to facilitate the work of future EduCos and contribute to the continuous improvement of ATLAS. The Semester Documentation gets shared with all ATLAS students and the ATLAS core team.

It allows future generations of ATLAS students to see how a semester was structured before, allowing them to anticipate any problems in advance. Even though it is primarily meant for the students, semester coordinators, lectures, our Program Director and the Dean are encouraged to use it as well to improve the quality of the ATLAS program.

Semester 1

Semester 1 2015/16 EduCo 18

Semester 1 2016/17 EduCo 19 Draft

Semester 1 2017/18 EduCo 20

Semester 1 2018/19 EduCo 21

Semester 2

Semester 2 2015/16 EduCo 18

Semester 2 2017/18 EduCo 20 Draft

Semester 2 2018/19 EduCo 21

Semester 3

Semester 3 2015/16 EduCo 17

Semester 3 2016/17 EduCo 18

Semester 3 2018/19 EduCo 20

Semester 4

Semester 4 2015/16 EduCo 17 Draft

Semester 4 2016/17 EduCo 18

Semester 4 2018/19 EduCo 20

Semester 5

There is no traditional Semester Documentation for the fifth semester because it’s the semester reserved for studying abroad. Thus, ATLAS doesn’t offer a curriculum. However, EduCo provides a reflection on their studies abroad. More information on the fifth semester can be found here.

Semester 5 2018/19 EduCo 19

Semester 6

Semester 6 2015/16 EduCo 16

Semester 6 2018/19 EduCo 19