The Case of the Missing Mugs

The Case of the Missing Mugs

By Melissa-Kim Petrasch


What would the aquarium be without a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, definitely not the same! But who hasn’t experienced this moment when they are hoping for a hot beverage and can’t find their mug. You start looking for it, first in the aquarium. Maybe someone put it on the wrong shelf. Then, when the mug is still missing you might look for it in the hamster cage and wonder how it got there since you are sure you left it on the right board after you cleaned it. If the mug can’t be found in the aquarium or hamster cage it might be in t100 or forgotten on a table in one of the study zones. Usually, the mug can be found this way but there are cases when it seems to have disappeared.

We heard of cases where the mug was gone and could not be found despite great efforts to find it. For example, one of our fellow fishes was desperately searching for their mug and even had to take drastic measures and asked the bubble if they had seen any trace of it. But it seemed as if the mug had disappeared from the face of the earth. Luckily one of our lovely board members could help. By accident, they had found the mug in a very strange place. Someone or something had left the missing mug in a locker in the active zone. In the end, the owner could enjoy a hot drink from their long-lost mug.

This might be the strangest place a mug reappeared but there are more cases of surprising reappearances. Sometimes people have searched the whole citadel for their mug, they have looked in all imaginable places even the hamster cage but can’t find it. Then after asking around a little bit someone suggests looking in the hamster cage again and there it is indeed. It seems as if the mug has just appeared out of nowhere.

Probably everyone has experienced the hunt for their mug even if it ended quickly at the shelf of another year. But who is responsible for the temporary loss of the mugs? Do we share the citadel with some little imps that like to cause some chaos and misplace our mugs for fun? Is the citadel an anomaly and wormholes swallow mugs and spit them out somewhere else in the building? Maybe made one of our fallen comrades himself/herself comfortable in the Citadel with tea and noodles. Or are there some fellow Atlantfish that just grabbed the wrong mug and forgot to bring it back?

MediaCo is constantly looking for clues to solve this mystery of disappearing and reappearing mugs. So, if you see anything suspicious in the Aquarium and around it let us know. You can also tell us about the strangest place you have ever found a mug.



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