About Atlantis

S.A. Atlantis is the study association of the bachelor’s programme Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) offered by University College Twente. For more information about University College Twente, click here!

Atlantis is the youngest study association of the University of Twente, as it was only founded on the November 20th of 2013 by Florianne Verkroost and Bart Bussmann.

As a study association, Atlantis’ mission is to support the students (and staff) of University College Twente in strengthening the community, providing opportunities for personal development, and improving the curriculum.  This is done by the means of a combination of both educational and extracurricular activities. As an illustration, Atlantis organized a study trip to Geneva where, amongst other places, the particle accelerator at CERN, the World Trade Organisation, and the United Nations were visited.

Lastly, Atlantis plays an important role by being the mediator between the students and the faculty members of University College Twente. By gathering and providing constructive feedback for the staff of University College Twente, it is our aim to further improve the programme.

Do you have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to mail to board@sa-atlantis.nl