Our Vision

Our Vision

S.A. Atlantis prides herself on her active community and continually seeks to offer interesting experiences and opportunities to her members. Atlantis also has values that consider the unique time we inhabit and represent the forward-looking view that liberal arts education instils and champions at the University of Twente. What Atlantis does and offers to her members will always be done with a perspective that is consistent with this vision. Some of the most important values are listed here.

Education – Atlantis recognizes that as a study association, one of her roles is to provide educational activities and services. This is reflected in the educational activity committee, book committee, and acquisition committee; these committees strive to offer either educational activities or career activities. The education committee provides an educational service to members by assuring the quality of courses throughout the years and keeping up an active dialogue between students and ATLAS staff.

Environment – As an organization, we are in a position to promote and magnify good practices and causes. Therefore, Atlantis has as ideal to not have a negative influence on sustainability whilst promoting discussion amongst individuals about the effect of their choices. Atlantis will not actively collaborate or associate with entities that have a negative environmental track record. Similarly, Atlantis will evaluate products it buys, such as food, based on similar factors (e.g. plastic waste), so it can meet member’s needs and wants while simultaneously remaining conscientious of its total environmental footprint. However, regarding specific decisions made by members, Atlantis will not actively try to influence this. This comes back in, for example, offering all members possibilities to buy a diverse range of food.

Inclusiveness and integration – All our members should feel welcome in Atlantis and should try to connect with others. This is reflected in the choice of activities. We will not tolerate homophobia, racism, antisemitism or sexism of any kind.

Transparency and openness – Being open relate to several levels. On the first and foremost level, the board of Atlantis should be open about any decisions made which affect the association. Secondly, members should be open towards each other and towards the board, making an easy flow of feedback possible. This also comes back in the open attitude towards ATLAS.

However, we acknowledge that members are individuals who remain free to make their own choice. We do not take a stand on the health of food offered, because the food preference of our members only affect themselves. We only strive to offer a good diversity of food. Furthermore, we want to inform and open up diverse opportunities for our members. This means that in collaborating with outside entities, we will not take a political stance or be selective on political issues.