Honorary Members

Honorary Members

Honorary members are members which have been remarkably valuable for the association. At the moment, Atlantis has two honorary members: Kees Ruijter and Jennifer Herek.

Kees Ruijter

Kees Ruijter was the first programme director of University College Twente and played a key role in shaping the programme. He has been appointed as an honorary member because of his constructive and supportive attitude in the process of founding Atlantis. From the first moment on, Kees has been thinking along with the founders and contributed significantly to the association as it is now. The room of Kees’ office has always been open for Atlantis and its members.

Jennifer Herek

Jennifer Herek was the first dean of University College Twente. In 2014, she has been appointed as an honorary member as she has been serving as an example for Atlantis and its members in shaping the community. As the ‘careful mother’ of all students and staff, she knows when to step in with a motivational activity or inspirational speech. Jennifer has been capable of building a strong community of both faculty members and students as no other, and has always been very open and supportive for ideas about Atlantis.