Snow Committee

Snow Committee - f.l.t.r. Olivier, Daniel, Renzo, Anna, Grace, Marie, Finn

We Are SnowCo!

The Snow Committee (SnowCo) is a committee of the Study Association Atlantis (S.A. Atlantis) at the University of Twente. As a committee, we organise the annual snow trip which aims at providing students with a break from their studies in an environment where they are able to be physically active. Here, integration between association members and other university students outside of the association will be encouraged. Additionally, it stimulates the learning of skills which are not strictly of academic nature, such as social bonding and sports for which they might not have time during their studies.

Snow Trip Committee

Anna Aksenova QQer
Thyra Hogervorst Treasurer
Kevin Lampe Chair
Anna Villalobos Peñalver Secretary
Merlijn De Vos Treasurer

2017-2018 overview:

Phew, what a year! Right from the get-go SnowCo has already been super busy finding the best ski resort, housing, cool bus drivers and many more things; all to give you an amazing Snowtrip. We had to be very quick with finding and reserving things in advance and also with getting all of you on (a) board. Nevertheless, the trip itself had shown to be truly amazing and we all were blessed with both a lot of fresh snow and lovely sunshine on the snowy mountains. As the committee we enjoyed a great enthusiasm from all the participants (and not to forget our busdriver) which made for a lot of fun. Even though everyone was completely exhausted form the riding all day, everyone still was willing to help us by making amazing dinners or help clean. This allowed us to prepare cool parties in the evening, playing amazing kneiters in the morning, and we made sure people would find their way in the extensive skiing resort of Lermoos. Even though the Snowtrip is over now, we’re working on some cool ‘molten-snow’ activities in the summer which we would love to tell you more about later. To make sure the Snowtrip 2019 will be even better we like to make use of the rest of this year to plan out and prepare and find cool locations and collaborations already. Hopefully we’ll see you next year (again) to give you an amazing snowy time!

Liebe Grüße,

SnowCo 2017-2018