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Date and time
May 16, 2019 16:00 - 20:00
All drinking rooms on campus + VB


On the 16th of May the legendary Elfbierentocht will take place. This is the biggest campus pub-crawl where you visit all drinking rooms of the study associations and end in the Vestingsbar. For just 9 euro you will get, as the name suggest, 11 beers. And for just 5 euro more you get unlimited food at the end of the pub-crawl.

In order to fix the large queue of last year, we arranged 2 food cars which should help a lot. Tickets will be available on the 16th of April from 13.00 at your study association. For more information please visit 11bt.nl and our Facebook event: http://tinyurl.com/elfbierentocht


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