UCSRN Tournament

About this event

Tournament Committee
Date and time
Apr 14, 2024 09:00 - 21:00

Do you want to play in a sports/cultural tournament with your friends and peers? You can choose what you want and form a team with others to compete as part of the S.A. Atlantis team in the UCSRN Tournament⚽. 
The event will take place on the 14th of April in Utrecht, so get your friends to join you in this trip! You can add yourself in the table for the events that you would be interested in here: Sign up Excel , and join the groupchat here: Click Here. As of now the maximum number of events you can participate is 1, but depending on whether your selections will interfere with each other you may be able to choose more. 

There are three types of tickets. If you want to join as a spectator👀 (so just watching and the social activities), make sure to buy a spectator ticket here for free: Click Here . If you want to join as a participant💪, please fill in the table before the 5th of April. It will cost around 11 euros. This way we’ll try to ensure that everyone that wants to participate gets to participate (especially for the team sports). And it is also possible to volunteer, if you are interested in helping out from overseeing a sport, helping with setting up lunch or judging one of the arts activities join the chat: Click Here.     
Also good to know: you might be able to get part of your travel costs reimbursed.

There are the sports/activities that you can sign up for:
Basketball (7 players)
Women's/NB football (7 players)
Man's Football (7 players)
Fieldhockey (8 players)
Chess (1 player)
Running relay (6 players) 
Volleyball (8 players)
Tug of war (7 players)

Photography display (1 player)
Painting display (1 player)
Poetry/Creative writing performance (1 player)
Film screening (Max 30 minutes)

Other activities:
Battle of bands (6 players) 
Battle of boards 
Dance (10 players) 
Mascot competition (3 mascots)