Class of 2022 Reunion


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Educational Committee
Date and time
Nov 20, 2021 15:00 - 17:00

We know that nostalgia isn’t for everyone and that in Semester 5 we’re all happy to get a breather finally escaping the bubble for a bit, but we also know that you might actually (?) be missing the community while you’re away. So EduCo has an event to hopefully bring everyone back together.

On 20.11.2021 we are planning an online reunion so that everyone can catch up! It will just be a moment for everyone to chat and we thought it’d be nice if you brought a drink or snack from wherever you are living. Sign up with the link below so we can get an idea of who’s coming, if you forget, you can still join. (We’re making the threshold low enough to join.)

See you all there!

Actually come tho


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