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Jan 9, 2020
Jan 27, 2020


This page is the official donation page for funding Barrie 4.0 -- a new coffee machine for Atlantis!

To donate: click "Join" and select your amount!

After donating, sign the donation fish we have hung in the Aquarium!


? ☕ ? ☕ ? ☕ ?


☕ Hello hard-working, sleep-deprived, caffeinated Atlantfish! ☕


Ever since the birth of S.A. Atlantis, Atlantfish have worked through long nights and early mornings with the support of coffee. It is thus three coffee machine generations later, that we now have Barrie 3.0 in our lovely Aquarium.

However, if you have asked Barrie for a cup of coffee lately, you will have noticed that he isn’t functioning like a young coffee machine anymore. ? We are saddened to have to announce that Barrie 3.0 must enter retirement very soon. ? While we all have noticed that his coffee is truly undrinkable at the moment, please do not tell Barrie. We cannot imagine the heartbreak it would bring him. ?

Thus, we have gone to the coffee machine adoption centers (online retailers), looking for our future Barrie 4.0. While we would love to immediately purchase a machine and have it in the Aquarium by tomorrow, Atlantis does simply not have the funds for a new coffee machine. ?

So, we need to call on the many Atlantfish in our community who benefit from caffeination throughout the day. ☕ ? Maybe coffee helps you get through lectures, maybe the AQ coffee helps make that tired friend more awake and bearable, or maybe you are a true addict and will go into caffeine withdrawal without your daily dose of caffeine (cries). 

Imagine walking into the Aquarium at the start of your day, craving a cup of coffee before your morning lecture, but are forced to go to your lecture caffeine free, barely able to keep your eyes open. ?

Imagine sitting at a silent zone disk, unable to keep your brain focussed on the work you should have finished an hour ago. You just wish there was something that could give you energy, but you know that the Aquarium coffee machine has died, and all hope is lost. ?

Not only is FREE coffee in the Aquarium a luxury that comes with being an Atlantis member, but the coffee machine is a central member of the community, often causing a circle of people to gather around in the AQ kitchen. Imagine if that gezelligheid was moved to another machine, somewhere far from our AQ home. Imagine if we were forced to pay every time we wanted a cup of Joe, but knew that our Atlantis yearly fee would cover it if we only had a coffee machine.




? ☕ ? ☕ ? ☕ ?


We now ask you to donate to this cause. Please spare 10 euros (or more, if you care about the caffeinated well being of Atlantis) and help us get a new coffee machine! If you donate some money, you are helping ensure we will have good coffee for the coming few years, which current and future Atlantfish will benefit from! We will also hang a list of the names of donors somewhere in the AQ, as a small piece of recognition for those who help us out during these trying times.


? ☕ ? ☕ ? ☕ ?


Please select from the donation amounts to help get a new coffee machine for Atlantis! After you donate by confirming your attendance to this "event", you can put your name on the donation fish we've hung in the Aquarium!


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