Lustrum Week Day 2: Survival Day


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Lustrum Committee
Date and time
Apr 30, 2019 13:15 - 19:00
Off campus! Bike needed.

Lustrum Week Day 2: Survival Day

Who says that fish cannot climb trees? They are wrong! 

Do you want to show the world that we, Atlantfish, have evolved ourselves over the years and that we can climb trees like monkeys!?
Then join the outdoor activity in the Lustrum week! We are going to the climbing park Avatarz!

18+ : A great part of the activity is 18+ as it involves climbing and safety regulations. 

WHEN: Tuesday 30 April, 1:15pm - 7:00pm
MEET @: Citadel WITH YOUR BIKE (in working condition). Be on time!
NOTE: We start with a limit of 20 spots and additional people will end up on the waiting list. If 30 or more people sign up, we will reserve extra spots and make two groups (maximum of 40 people).

Wear suitable clothes for climbing!

Get hyped for this epic activity! 

Sign-up deadline 22nd April, 23:30 hrs


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