LuxOlympics Sign Up!

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Lustrum Committee
29 Apr - 18 May 2024

LuxOlympics Sign Up!

You can sign up in groups of five (5), or sign up in less number, in which case we can pair you up with other people. If you sign up with a group, everyone of the group should sign up, and please have one member of the group send a message to a Lux member (e.g. Olaf) saying who is in your group.


The long-lost Ossolympics are back! LuX has put it all together to give you the opportunity to test your strength against the others in the bubble. Want to prove that the third years really are the best? Or that Alumni really are not that old yet? Sign-up now to show the whole community that you are the smartest, strongest and bravest fishies there are to find in the seven seas.

Over the course of three weeks, you will have to complete assignments of varying difficulty per week, along with some long running assignments (longest game of tag, anyone?). During organized events you will have the chance to gain even more points, and conquer the grand trophy, to be handed out at the Lustrum Prom!

Get ready for the battle of the ages, get ready for the LuxOlympics!


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