Avant Ski Party

Dear Atlantfish,


As winter is knocking on our doors, the days are getting shorter, and the jackets are getting thicker. Because the only way to properly celebrate this time of the year - which is of course the snow trip - is still a couple of weeks away from us, we as SnowCo saw it as our duty to warm the hearts of our community with Hot Chocolate, Glühwein, and Jägermeister. However, as we have not been able to participate in the majestic arts of “wintersport” yet, we did not dare to throw an Après Ski party.

We still wanted to introduce our fellow fishes to “Kneiters” though, and therefore, we decided to come up with a so called “Avant Ski Party”! At the event, Atlantis members enjoyed each other’s company, met new people, and discovered the details of the coming snow trip. This year we are going to Oberau (Austria) where we rented a house for 40 people! The trip will take place from the 14th till the 19th of January. We will ski/snowboard for 4 days, have some great bonding activities in the evening, and enjoy the snow with our community!

If you are interested in joining, or if you have any questions, contact one of the SnowCo members!


Liebe Grüße,

The SnowCo



Written by Mitchell van Dijk



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