Snow Trip 2018

Snow Trip 2018

During the calmest week of the year, a big school of fishes commenced on a 10-hour long bus journey towards the highest mountain of Germany, in Austria. Here they challenged themselves every day, waking up early to ascend and race down the secluded mountain tops. Every day, a group of participants even woke up before the early fishes to prepare breakfast and provide them with the best ‘kneiters’. In the afternoon everyone could enjoy various activities such as sledding, hiking, and swimming. In the evening, some fish even dared to challenge the SnowCo members to a beer or stress pong match, which of course resulted in an undisputable victory for SnowCo. In an act of retribution, a few Smirnoff-ICE bottles were hidden to catch the committee of guard, which resulted in paranoia amongst everyone.

The capacious slopes, heaps of sun, and the variety in different skiing areas made for great views and 4 unforgettable days of skiing and snowboarding. Overall, people rated this Snowtrip 11/10, and they now have fantastic memories to treasure for a lifetime. All this wouldn’t have been possible without our heroic bus driver Mark, who brought us all the way to Austria and he also saved several fish that got lost in the wrong country. He also liked to help with dinner and he provided us with fun movies and stories for in the bus.

We would like to thank everyone for creating this awesome Snowtrip together and we hope to see you again next year!

Liebe Grüße,

Emma, Jasper, Jelmer, Mitchell, Olav


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