The move to Drienerburght

After many years of anticipation, the time has finally arrived. In the week of 8–15 November, all our lovely first-year fishies moved to their new home: the Drienerburght. It was nice to see family and friends helping out. Everyone was making their “kale” hotel room into a “gezellige” room for themselves. For some, this involved throwing out furniture, going from door to door asking for nightstands, or drilling holes into walls in the middle of the night. It was nice to see the rooms of some people and see how everyone made their room their own. Some stuff in the building didn’t fully work, but slowly but surely De Veste is getting some of the stuff fixed. After everyone had settled down a bit it was time to do some official stuff: floor bonding activities and floor meetings on  COVID-19 regulations. The living rooms are used mainly for working and talking with friends; it’s a very chill atmosphere indeed.


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