Study Association Atlantis 

​S.A. Atlantis is the study association of the bachelor’s programme Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) offered by University College Twente. Atlantis is the youngest study association of the University of Twente, as it was only founded on the November 20th of 2013 by Florianne Verkroost and Bart Bussmann.​


Pleasant Pool Party

By Brian   On the 7th of June, 2019, S.A. Atlantis concluded its lustrum year with a bang in the form of a pool party that was held in...

AcCo to Walibi!

AcCo to Walibi!

"The Atlantfish went to Walibi with AcCo all together!"   By Young Ho Braakman  ...

The UCSRN Tournament; A day of glorification and achievements

To increase the awareness of other UC’s towards our UC of the east, we wanted to...

Enchantment of Sirens

Enchantment of Sirens

"In March Atlantis hosted its biggest event so far organized by the LUST. If you...

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