Study Association Atlantis 

​S.A. Atlantis is the study association of the bachelor’s programme Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) offered by University College Twente. Atlantis is the youngest study association of the University of Twente, as it was only founded on the November 20th of 2013 by Florianne Verkroost and Bart Bussmann.​


Active Member Activity

Hey all, Last Saterday, we held our anual Active Member Activity. Here, we had an evening filled with fun activies with amazing prices to...

Yearbook 2019-2020

The time has come to present to you... The Yearbook of 2019-2020 (click for PDF) As COVID-19 has impeded the distribution of physical copies,...

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Graffiti Workshop
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  • Hogekamp Square

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